My Sidekicks

Parker and Yumi are my two trustworthy canine sidekicks. They never stray too far away but I’m not sure if that is for my protection or theirs. At least one of them follows me on most of my adventures. Keep checking this page or follow them on Instagram to see what they have been up to lately.


Parker was born April 18, 2012. This middle-aged fawn Pug is generally pretty chill. He loves treats, sitting on feet, sunbathing in the spring and taking frequent naps during the day. Parker hates any form of animal on TV, having his naps rudely interrupted and real life horses.


Yumi was born July 30, 2017. This young Yorkie is a tiny bundle of energy. She loves her big brother, meeting new people, playing, eating and cuddling. Yumi doesn’t really hate much, but she is protective of her family and she is afraid of the vacuum.