Six Great Bootstrap Helper Widgets

Six Great Bootstrap Helper Widgets

September 11, 2013 Web Design 0

As a web developer who is just starting out, I’m a big fan of Twitter Bootstrap. Once you have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Bootstrap allows you to quickly and easily create websites and web applications.¬†Bootstrap comes with its own set of JS-enabled widgets like carousels and modals, but sometimes you find yourself needing something that isn’t included by default.

These are some of the ones I’ve come across, and thought I’d share in case people needed something similar:
bootstrap-select turns native <select> boxes into a style-able bootstrap button+dropdown.
A date range picker with calendars and default selections to chose a start and end date.
A WYSIWYG editor with a bootstrap style.
In-place editing of fields.
Client-side form validation with a reasonably nice syntax.
Lightbox based on the bootstrap modal dialog.

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